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Training Business Strategy & Planning

GazDay training includes the fundamental elements that drive Natural Gas market thus enabling Market Players to increase their skill set to compete more effciently given prevailling market conditions.
These include:

Why should we attend GazDay training services ?

  • GazDay Training Courses can be customized based on your needs.
  • Training Courses covers very detailed theoretical and practical useful information
  • Training Courses are always transparent and independent.
  • Focused on real market problems and solutions.
  • GazDay training is equipped with comprehensive and detailed training material
  • The presenters are renowned experts in their subject.

Who should attend GazDay training courses ?

  • Management team members of potential market entrants.
  • Supply and operation managers, experts and specialists within existing market players.
  • Risk Managers and Credit Managers in both the industry as well as Financial Institutions.
  • Foreign Companies and Investors – company stakeholders and potential entrants.
  • Market Research and Market Intelligent Service Providers .

Natural Gas Trading and Retailing

  • What is Natural Gas ?
  • Natural Gas Glossary. General terms and conditions relating to all aspects of the business.
  • Physical and Chemical Properties of Natural Gas
  • Natural Gas Production
  • Natural Gas Import – processes to achieve and managing
  • Transportation of Natural Gas - Well Head to your site of consumption.
  • Natural Gas Market in Turkey and adjacent markets.
  • Regulatory Framework relating to the subject.
  • Network Code and Third Party Access to Pipeline and Distribution Networks
  • Contract Management
  • Natural Gas Purchase - Sales and Trading Techniques
  • Standard and non-standard retail contracts.
  • Examples and Applied Case Analysis – Actual case studies.

LNG Trading

  • What is LNG ?
  • LNG Market in Turkey and the surrounding countries.
  • LNG Contracts – structure and operation.
  • LNG Transportation.
  • Third Party Access to LNG Terminals.
  • Examples and applied case analysis – Actual case studies.

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